Property Mavericks is dedicated to identifying, evaluating, and providing ROI driven real estate investments in select markets for every day people who want to take control of their financial future.


Perhaps what is one of the most important things to mention is Who and What we are NOT. We are not a company to advise you on your investments. We know you’re an adult who can – with some help if necessary – understand basic math and is conscious enough to not only Read if the numbers make sense to you, but you can literally feel if a deal resonates with your being.


At Property Mavericks both us and our community of investors (whom we like to call “Mavericks”) are aligned upon the belief we are all One. We all believe in the abundance of life and greatness of people and this planet. Further, we and our community of Mavericks follow the mantra of giving back, whereby each investment return generated not only serves the individual in growing wealth, it also allows them to share more of themselves or their wealth with people or causes they care about.


For us, for our internal team at Property Mavericks to the most outsourced contractor we may hire to build something on our website, and all the way to deal selection, we believe in attracting people, materials, and deals that serve a greater purpose.

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